TPS – Toxic Personals System

TPS (Toxic Personals System) is a cgi personals system that can be used to create a dating site. The system is written in perl and uses a mysql database for data storage.

The script is fully customizable, and has the following features: new user creation (with code to prevent automated user creation), internal messaging system, profile search with pictures, picture uploads, chat system, and more.

You can customize the chat module any way you want, and create only the channels you want. Additionally you can also give or prevent access to certain channels for certain user groups (for example create a channel where only females can enter, create a channel only accessible by users with a certain (paying) useraccount, etc.).
You can also appoint moderators for each channel. These people have access to the admin tools to kick or blacklist a user from a channel. You can also specify censor rules that will get applied to all chat messages (for example, when the word “test” occurs, replace it by “t*st”).

The users can fill in their profile with lots of information (name,address,appearance,hobbies,…). The search results are automatically sorted so that the profiles with most information and pictures are shown first.

The script features multiple account types. Users can upgrade their account by credit card or by SMS (short message service – micropayment). The script takes care of the account upgrades and the accounts that expire.

The script is currently in the development and testing phase, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions about features or pricing.


Example sites that uses the TPS personals system:

  • Relatie Zoeker – Active dating, chat and flirting community.
    (warning: some profiles may have adult content)
  • Dupido Dating – Dating community.