TSE – Toxic Search Engine

TSE (Toxic Search Engine) is a cgi script written in perl that uses a mysql database to accept, store and process site submissions. It sends a confirmation mail to the submitter (to verify his email address), and also notifies him if his site gets accepted or not (you can choose a reject reason from a list, or write a custom message). As webmaster you can easily review the submissions and approve, delete or blacklist them. The script also has the ability to send mails to all submitters (for example to announce something new on your site).

The script has some special anti-cheat features – it has a spider that can check each submission every X minutes (customizable to what you want) and looks for 404, 302, 301 HTTP codes, as wel as for redirects (javascript, META, etc.). You can also make it look for a return link to your (or another) site. It is also possible to specify a list with forbidden words – the spider will check all submissions, and show you which ones contain the word(s). Blacklisting can be done in 3 different ways: you can blacklist a domain or a subdirectory on a domain, you can use a DNS based blacklist, and for example blacklist all submissions that use a certain nameserver (you can do a Whois of a domain from within the script), and you can blacklist a submitter IP.

To prevent automated submissions, the script has a feature that it can display a random string in image format to the submitter which he has to enter before he can submit. A bot or autosubmitter cannot “see” the code (the code also has some anti-OCR features build-in).

The search script can be used on your site in the form of a search box. When you enter a word in the search, the script searches for all possible matches you got in the database (ofcourse only the ones you already accepted). The script also has the ability to create directory style pages for the various categories you got on your site.

The standard TSE version costs $800 – specific customizations are possible, pricing depends on the complexity of the modifications, but are usually billed at a rate of $30 per hour.


Screenshots will be available soon.


Example site that uses the TSE search engine and directory script:

  • SeXXXSearch .BE – Adult search engine (warning: adult content)


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