TTS – Toxic Trading Script

TTS (Toxic Trading Script) is a cgi script written in perl that uses a mysql database. The script’s purpose is traffic trading link exchanges with ratios (CJ – Circle Jerking). It returns traffic to your trades based on the ratio you set for him. The script shows the productivity of the trade’s traffic, the number of unique and raw visitors, unique to raw ratio and proxy traffic percentage.

TTS has special features to track from which traffic trade a user came, and will not send him back to the site he came from. Also when a user clicks multiple times on your site, each click will bring him to a new trade, and he won’t be send back to a trade he has already visited until he has seen them all. You can also specify your own image galleries or sponsor links in the script, so that for example the first click is always a gallery, and that the following clicks alternate between a trade and a gallery or sponsor link.

TTS has extensive anti-cheat features to stop hitbots from ruining your site (a hitbot is a program created to send fake hits to a site, usually through the use of proxy servers). It monitors the ratio of proxy hits versus total hits for each trade, and disables a trade when the ratio is too high. The script also stops sending when the trade productivity falls below a treshold value.

The TTS script is still under development and is being tested on some high traffic sites. If you would like to receive a notification when the script is ready, contact us.

Screenshots will be available soon.


The script won’t be free, but we will create a remotely hosted free version of the trading script too.


Example site that uses the TTS traffic trading script:

  • Candy Clit – Free nude teen clit pictures (warning: adult content)


If you would like more information on TTS or any other product or service, feel free to contact us.