Custom software development and programming

Custom software development and programming. We have a big repository with a variety of other scripts for traffic and hit tracking, search engine optimization and tracking, traffic management and system administration. A few example of those scripts:

Sales origin tracking script – this script uses cookies to track where the users came from before they hit your page and bought a product or were send to your sponsor (the output could for example show that about 20% of the people that bought your product, or that were send to your sponsor originally came from Yahoo! – so this is not just a simple referer tracking script).

Search engine traffic tracking script is our script to track and generate reports about your google traffic – it generates a report for each of your domains with the daily ammount of traffic from google, what keywords were used to find your site, what position you have for those keywords (without querying the google server and risking to get your domain banned), and what pages got spidered by GoogleBot (seperate lists for the monthly indexing bots and for the 48 hour “fresh” bots), and what ammount came from google cache, google images, etc. All information is stored in a database, and can be queried by you using a cgi web interface (you can specify start/end date and time and other options).

If you need a specific cgi or unix script, you can always contact us and we’ll check if we have already made something that fits your specifications. If we don’t have a suitable script, we’re always willing to do some custom programming. We can program applications and scripts in the following languages: Perl, C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Visual Basic, Unix shell scripts, RPG, Cobol, Oracle Developper, Navision, …


Feel free to contact us for more information on our scripts, or for some custom programming or scripting.