System Administration

System administration and server management

System administration and server management. We offer our services to administer and manage your server(s) or do some system administration tasks like installing software, creating new users and groups, setting up permissions etc.

We have extensive experience in installing, customizing and maintaining FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS / Solaris, Linux (all flavours), AS/400 and Windows NT/2000 servers.

We also have experience in setting up and maintaining the following applications: Apache webserver (http, https / ssl / tls, mod_perl, php, mysql …), Internet Information Services (IIS), Sendmail, QMail, MySQL and mSQL server, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, STunnel, FTP (vsftpd, ProFTPD, WU-FTPD), Bind, djbdns, various IRC daemons, and much more.

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